Process leads to Gold 

Life is messy, full of trials, transistions, and hard seasons. But it is also full of joy, harvest, and peace. It is such a weird thing, process. While you’re in it at first you can’t recall what exactly it is, by the middle of it you have it pinned and then just like that your into a new season. Process, such a necessary, vital thing. Without it we wouldn’t reach those times of gold, those times of plenty, the time of abundance. 

There is a certain series of steps, (process) to get where were going. To achieve what is necessary in order that we may live abundantly. 

My process this season has been letting God teach me obedience and refresh me with his never ending mercy. 

Like literally every second there are new mercies and loads of grace. 

Thank you Jesus! 

I have learned my need for connection with Holy Spirit and just asking what he wants to say that day to me. It’s been so thrilling those times of breakthrough. And so magical, the times of rejoicing even in my own misunderstanding, acknowledging that He is good. 

Have you ever studied abstract art? Or the process, I should say, of creating a piece of abstract art? 

At first it looks messy. The colors seem to blend into ugly brown shades. No ryhme or reason to the madness just the process of creativity. Right on the verge of creating something beautiful the artist thinks maybe I should just scratch it and start over. But! They push through, press on, and create a wonderful, magnificent piece of art. 

That is totally the process we endure in our own seasons. At first it’s messy, then it may feel hopeless but if we press on in we will reap a harvest of righteousness, peace and joy! 

We will experience the glory!

I want to encourage you that wherever you are at right now, press into the fathers love for you. He is so ready to give you beauty for ashes. And loves holding you through it all. 

Feel him smiling over you. 

Feel him pushing you further into the unknown and repurposing your future for one of gold, one of purpose and one of hope! 

Let faith arise dear one. 

He is faithful and just to keep his word. 

The process produces more than you could ever think or imagine. It produces the butterfly inside of you. It transforms you into a new creation. And gives you a reason for singing. 

We wouldn’t have testimonies without tests, gold without fire, or diamonds without pressure. 

Hold on darling, there is a rainbow of promise and under that you are being transformed into gold. 


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