A resounding yes 

 I’ve learned a lot in my walk with God, but there is still so much more! How amazing is that? There is exponentially more of God. Literally never ending. Our brains can’t even process how boundless he truly is in his ways. 

But what I’ve learned so far I hope you find encouraging.  

I easily identify with Heroes of the Faith, those who fought with a vengeance against the enemy by just being in a relationship with Abba, God. 

And I’ve noticed an unhealthy habit that arose while thinking of how great they lived for Jesus. Comparison! The thief of joy, tried to come make its home in my heart. 

Well Christina, you don’t always feel like “praying for people.” You don’t always feel this way or that way. Yadda, yadda. 

But then I had a revelation, thank you Holy Spirit! “That’s my beSt friend, that’s my best friend.” 😂

God never told us to walk according to our feelings, but according to his truth. So it doesn’t matter if my feelings say they don’t want to go the extra mile, my spirit says a resounding yes to God. 

No matter what situation or circumstance I am facing, my answer is yes to him. And that’s all that matters. My yes to his Kingdom here. And I know he honors us for admitting we don’t always feel like loving or going out of our way, but when we choose to ignore our feelings and follow the spirit, God is up in Heaven shouting and rooting us on! He is smiling and laughing over us with great pride and joy. 

He tells all of heaven, “This is my beloved.”

She said YES! He said YES! 

Go girl,  go! 

That’s how I like to picture God. Because it is so the way he looks at us, he only sees us as sons and daughters. Jesus broke down the walls and allowed us to come into right standing with our Father. I don’t have to feel ashamed because Jesus sacrifice allows for total freedom no condemnation but truth, and love. 

So my yes is enough. I won’t compare myself to people anymore but to what God says I am. Holy, righteous, set apart, and redeemed. 

I don’t walk according to feelings but according to my faith in God, and he is so good. Therefore, I will walk in simple obedience to him because I love him and his ways are higher than my ways! 

God isn’t some control freak saying, “You must obey me, because you have to and because I said so” That is such an earthly perspective of a supernatural God. He tells us to walk in obedience because he loves and cares for us. He knows what will make us happy and he knows what will cause death and destruction. He just wants us to live an abundant life! 

So I will continue to say, “Yes God” out of my love for him and tell my feelings they do not control me. My spirit is in charge and not my emotions. I have authority over every thought and take it captive to the truth of God. 

So will you walk with me in a resounding yes! Will you take a minute today to get out of the natural and enter into the supernatural? There is a spiritual world, it is right here in our midst, and all of heaven is waiting for you to know your identity in God.

Let’s stop the comparison. And just be sons and daughters. It’s that simple. 


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