Wandering Thoughts

Do you sometimes ponder on something and a flash sparks through your thinking illuminating a distant memory – one you haven’t thought about in years? That memory seems so removed and you wonder, “how in the world did my brain recover this?”  It is a weird experience but also amazing to be taken back to your mind as a child. It’s almost as the thought waves of your brain carry you off to a strange existence and you stay a while in that place of remembering. 

This happened to me the other day while I started sewing some new flags. I had this memory flash on through of a time I was in history class as a young girl. I cannot recall how old I was but most likely middle school or younger. The memory that came flooding back was the day I learned about a women named Betsy Ross. 

She was thought to be the first woman to sew the American flag. I can just remember being filled with awe and wonder at what it must have been to be the first at something. To what it must have felt to be a part of such a grand story and adventure. 

She was directly involved in the revolution. Her flags or as I would like to call “banners” were carried into war and displayed as a symbol of FREEDOM! 
How funny that at such a young age God would mark that out to me. That he would mark that memory and bring it forth now. That memory includes a powerful young woman, fierce, dedicated, flags, and a revolutionary. 

Oh God, I know he is up to something. This story so resonates with my heart. I am a fierce, dedicated, warrior woman, creating flags and being involved in a grand revolution. 

We get to cancel and uproot the kingdom of darkness, and fill the earth with the kingdom of heaven. How much more revolutionary can you get? 

There’s an army rising. 

Like the break of dawn. 

History is shifting. 

Nations changing. 

All for the Glory of the Lord. 

You can be a part of a grand adventure. It is in our very DNA because God loves it! God is the original dreamer, adventurer, revolutionary. It only makes sense that our very beings cry out to be a part a grand story. 

Get ready, because you are about to have the wildest time of your life! 


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