When Pain Comes Knocking

Did you know it’s okay to admit that you’re hurting? To be real with God and the people closest to you, and share your heart with them. 

As a Christian I’ve learned to not be offended but recently I was struggling to acknowledge my pain because I was afraid that it meant I had a spirit of offense.  In fear, I stuffed my pain down in my heart and did not deal with it in a healthy way. I thought, “I’ll stuff this down here and pretend it doesn’t really exists, then maybe it will go away on its own.”

What a bunch of bologna. 

The enemy was decieving me into believing a lie, but instead Holy Spirit came to reveal TRUTH

Thank goodness! 

There are going to be times in our lives where we feel hurt by someone, but what matters is how we handle our pain. Are we pretending pain doesn’t exist for the sake of not being offended? Instead lets recognize pain for what it is, pain. Your heart having the ability to feel is huge and it’s a gift! 

So when pain comes knocking at your door step, instead of slamming the door, open it, come to terms with why your feeling this pain, and use discernment to know God’s truth about the situation. 

If something someone said or did is affecting you, here are some good questions to ask yourself: 

1. What is driving their words/actions? 

2.  Are they reacting out of deep hurt, and lack of identity? 

3. Is their point valid?

 4. Do they need something I am not giving? 

Instead of allowing my pain to have a hold on my heart, I take it captive, and search out for truth. Once I find the truth out about the situation I am then able to apply it. 

1. I am able to discern whether they are speaking out of fear, anxiety, control, confusion, or lack of understanding. Etc. Then I will be able to know if I should just do number 2. Pray for them / release healing. 

2.  If they are acting/speaking out of deep hurt, I am able to acknowledge their pain and release/pray for healing. I am also able to understand this isn’t how they really feel about me but there is something  going on in their own heart. 

3. If their point is valid, I may need to check my own heart and soul. Explain why I felt a certain way from their words/actions and work it out through HEALTHY communication. 

4. If they need something that I am not giving. I must know if that is a realistic thing I am able to provide and how to provide it for them. And if it is not realistic, explain to them your reason why and if they demand their way, I may need to set some boundaries. 

I have learned that it is healthy to acknowledge my pain, and deal with it accordingly, instead of just pretending it doesn’t exist or hoping it would just go away on its own. 

God gave us the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth and to clean our hearts. So in order to purify our hearts we must first be able to recognize that their is actually pain in there that needs to be removed by Holy Spirit. Only then will we begin to SUSTAIN a spirit led life, not a self driven life. 

I flagged to FIND ME by Jonathan David Helser, because God will always find me grateful for his great love, mercy, kindness, and gentleness. He is such a good father, and really does lead us into victory. 


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