The Paradox of my Old Soul

Many times have I been told,That this soul of mine is old. 

I ponder and wonder,

What that means.

What are people noticing, that I don’t quite see. 

I know now, what exactly it is. 

To be a child, but also ancient at the same time. 

The years in reverse, but also in fast forward. 

My longing for connection and my need for time to myself. 

I’m a beautiful mess. 

But really not a mess at all. 

Just a girl who sees the best, thinks out my thoughts, and hopes to be known in the messiness of my mess. 

You see, life is precious. 

It is one of our most valuable things. 

We should treat it with honor and value that it deserves. 

Because soon my body will catch up with my soul. 

And my eyes give way to the light. 

And then my soul will be truly home. 

So this place should be treated with honor, and respect. 

It’s not permanent, it’s only temporary. 

It is a gift. 

It is a treasure. 

It is but a breath. 

Until we’re home eternal. 

Eternity is my home. 

God made us for love, honor, happiness, joy, and many many things. 

So let’s not take time for granted, it is the greatest resource of history. 

My ancient soul, knows too well. 

The paradox of time. 

It slowly drags on but also races on by. 

Don’t let it master you. 

You master it. 

Live each day with purpose, and allow the flame of love in your heart to always remain lit. 

The writings of a girl who discovered the beauty of paradox and wisdom in her old soul. 


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