Let me RE-Jesus you. 






What was the first thing to come to your mind when you read the name God? The first thought or picture to flash through your brain? 

For me it used to be a man with a giant white beard, sitting on a throne, super far away. Someone who I knew was supposed to love me but only answered big prayers. I was taught that there are “pathetic” prayers and that God didn’t want us to come to him for things we desire. He strictly wanted only our obedience and didn’t bother with our “everyday” life details. 

I can remember as a kid being fearful that I didn’t pray the right way for Jesus to come into my heart and that I would go to hell. So anytime a speaker would invite people to pray for Jesus to come into their heart, I would pray it and make sure to not miss a single word or else I might be doomed to hell. 

Oh, how fear gripped me. I remember coming home from a youth event and I brought home a package they gave to kids that prayed THE prayer. My mom said to me, “But Christina you’ve already asked Jesus into your heart.” 

But as a kid what I didn’t understand is that it wasn’t about a prayer. I didn’t understand that it actually meant laying down my life. And that I no longer live as a sinner but have been called a saint and given loads of grace to walk in righteousness. 

I wasn’t taught relationship. 

I was taught knowledge. 

And my little kid brain longed for something real. I can remember talking with God. Talking to Jesus. And even jamming hardcore to Jesus Freak by D.C. Talk. If anyone knows me now, when I worship it is LOUD, expressive, and there might be some headbanging involved at times. This is how I jammed out as a kid. And God loved it, and I hate that church un-jesused me and taught me religion instead. 

So let me RE-Jesus you. 

God literally delights in us. He wants to jam out with you, jumping on your bed, screaming, laughing, shouting, however it is you want to be, God wants to do that with you. 

He wants you to know him, like really know him. And he wants you to know Jesus, and Holy Spirit too! 

They are all so good and full of love!

So if you have been under religion, and view God as someone scary, displaced and judge mental. 

Please hear me when I say SORRY on behalf of the church. 

We haven’t done a good job expressing his LOVE for creation.

He loves you! 

He wants you to come to him with every tiny, tiny detail. And show you that he cares about every, little thing. 

Seek him, and you will find him, when you seek him with your whole heart. 

Let me Re-Jesus you. Take off the lies of religion, and be Jesused again. A prayer of asking Jesus in your heart is amazing but what is more amazing is continuing to allow Jesus to work in your heart and living your life for him. 

God doesn’t belong in a box. 

He is way bigger than we can even imagine. 

Let’s show the world what following Jesus really looks like, and let’s start with love, friendship, and by taking God out of our box of religion. 

Let him blow our minds with his goodness! 


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