A beautiful tapestry

What a beautiful tapestry, Oh Lord. 

What beautiful, thin strings you have woven into this beautiful, beautiful tapestry. 

I annuciate this word, 


Because it is far overused, overdefined, and taken for granted. 

I want to restore it to its original definition. 

B E A U T I F U L 

Brilliant as the rays of sun, 

exalting my spirit into greater depths of intimacy. 

So full of grace, an ornamental piece of creation for special occasions. 

Excellent in nature. 

Far exceeding and effortlessly abundant. 

Lord, this is what you are weaving out of the strings of my life. 

A tapestry so beautiful. 

When I look back on the parts already weaved,

I see your faithfulness 


I taste your nearness.

It is impossible to look back and not see the work of your hands 

You, Lord, are so faithful.

You create my life with excellence and one look at my tapestry and I am drawn into deeper waters of intimacy with you. 

You are so beautiful and you make all things beautiful in time.

You take my ashes, you take my broken pieces, the dirt, and you create a 



Garden of roses,

overflowing with daisies,

and fields of wildflowers. 

Areas where I thought I was alone, I look back and see you. 

Your sweet, sweet whispers piercing the walls of my heart. 

Dispelling lies upon lies, until 




Face to face we met and continue to meet.

I was and still am, completely undone. 

You, Lord, are as brilliant as the rays of sun. 

You permeate my whole being. 

I want you to be so near.

As near, as near can be.

Without you is only death. 

I have tasted and seen your goodness. 

There’s no going back. 

I need you more.

May my hunger continue to grow and continue to draw me into deeper depths of your love.

Let my life be dedicated to you.

Set apart, 

as an ornamental tapestry,

 treasured in the heavens, 

steadfast and effortlessly abundant.

May it be pleasing to you.


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