Let Truth Arise

Fear is a tricky little thing, 

You see

It comes crawling up inside, 

Hiding behind its self proclaimed advertisement of safety.

Fear promotes itself like one of those commercials on T.V.  

The ones you’ve seen time and again,

Knowing they are full of deceit.

But however, the first few times around they spark your interest and keep you on a hook. 

Until you come to a point, that you no longer believe everything you see on tv.

Fear and I, we go way back.

I used to fear my parents dying, and the pain I would feel when they are gone.

I used to fear a long life full of disappointment and desperation of a society so twisted and selfish.

I used to fear pain.

I used to fear, fear.

And then I met Truth and Truth showed me the tricky little webs fear spun me in. 

Truth showed me the beauty where I saw none. And revealed the cracks in my heart. 

You see, fear had its grip on me.

But Truth was planted deep inside me.

Longing to come out, inch by inch.

Truth burst through me.

I thought I was done with this little thing called fear.

Till I felt the all to familiar voice, building a city of despair.

My heart felt odd, and I didn’t know why.

Till I realized I had begun believing lie.

Religion seems easy and the safe way out.

But when you’ve tasted relationship, you can’t put yourself back in that old way of thinking.

Because it’s really dead and gone.

It’s just fear again, advertising his own song.

But I’m thankful for truth, and for growth.

I’m thankful that where there were roots of fear beginning to grow, Truth, he rose up inside of me and claimed the ground he had already began to sow.

Growth sometimes looks like fire. 

And fire sometimes looks like pain.

But I’m no longer scared now, because I can hear Daddy God calling my name.

I hear the whisper of Holy Spirit.

And the laughter of Jesus.

I’m found by them, and they will never let me down. 

If you see me laying on the ground,

It’s because I’m celebrating the seeds that Truth is planting all around.


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