Wayward on our way 

I’m tired of these waves,

In and out – In and out,

They sway.

This old body of mine is wondering if I truly heard.

Did I hear you correctly,

When you told me to dream.

Is it true you said anything is possible for those who believe.

Wave after wave-

In and out they sway, I’m starting to lose my way. 

But wait-

I hear voices in the distance.

They pass on by and joyfully sing,

“The way, The way has been made”

I find joy from their unwavering faith.

I lift my head up, that hung low in the day

I take you at your word, no longer wayward on my way.

The warrior inside arises,

My eyes are in focus-

Locked in, I’m riding these waves in faith.

They once made me weary, but with every sway,

I pray.

Knowing confidently that you are with me Abba.

You never let me go.

So into the deep waters, 

I will follow you.

Though I can’t see the end,

Though I can’t see the destination,

I trust that you do.

I’m prepared for battle,

Hear my war cry,

I jump up and bodly declare,

“He is Lord Forevermore” 

As I sing out,

I hear the echoes of an army, 

Treading these same waters,


“He is Lord”

“He is Lord”

“He is Lord”

We row on,

Paving the way.

We are the forerunners.

We are the pathfinders.

We are the lovers.

We are the warriors.

We will keep rising,

We are an army,

Headed to the Jubilee,

We are making the way for the Great Jubilee.


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