About the Writer 

Welcome to my page, my name is Christina Schlatter.   But the question you want to know is, who am I really deep in the core of my being? What sets my soul on fire with passion? What is this blog even for?

Well, down deep in the core of my heart is Jesus. My heart is his home. He lives in and through me. I am totally possessed and captivated with his Holy Spirit. Does that kind of language freak you out? Don’t let it, it’s just Jesus, his simple gospel.

I am passionate about setting people free from guilt, shame, condemnation, and free from torment. I love it when people get totally wrecked by the love of Jesus. I have been marked with his glory and set apart to burn for him.

This blog is for freedom, a place to cultivate community, and my place of birthing out what Holy Spirit is speaking to me. Just my story and Empowering a generation to burn with fire in their eyes because they know the truth of who’s they are.





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