Things anxiety makes me feel

I’ll try and process out loud again. Well in writing, if that’s considered out loud.  Once again, I’m on the subject of anxiety. It literally has been hanging around my door step for months.  Things anxiety makes me feel: 1) Unworthy of God’s best  2) Like I am a failure 3) That I have to […]

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Open Wings Arising 

When the breeze picks up, So do your wings. A divine acceleration is happening.  Where you hear screams of lack, I am rejoicing over you ABUNDANCE.  When the skies are a pastel pink, I think of you.  When waves crash near by, It’s the sound of my voice with passion for you to feel my […]

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Wayward on our way 

I’m tired of these waves, In and out – In and out, They sway. This old body of mine is wondering if I truly heard. Did I hear you correctly, When you told me to dream. Is it true you said anything is possible for those who believe. Wave after wave- In and out they […]

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I want to know

There are many questions I have, with answers left untold.  Many pondering thoughts, left unspoken. Many fears inside that pull and that hold. They hold me in a frozen position, Though you see me from the outside.  On the inside I’m a statue, made of stone.  These thoughts have lingered quite sometime, At first I […]

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Let Truth Arise

Fear is a tricky little thing,  You see It comes crawling up inside,  Hiding behind its self proclaimed advertisement of safety. Fear promotes itself like one of those commercials on T.V.   The ones you’ve seen time and again, Knowing they are full of deceit. But however, the first few times around they spark your […]

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